Zero Trust

To ensure the security of your systems, all software applications are carefully vetted and monitored, regardless of their origin.

Cyber Threat Hunting

Our security experts are dedicated to maintaining a strong security posture for your business throughout the entire supply chain.

Security Center

A SaaS solution that is designed to be scalable and resilient, making it a perfect fit for organizations of all sizes.

Our Approach

Stay Ahead Of The Curve


Safeguard your infrastructure with our advanced solutions from the most sophisticated and ever-evolving cyber threats.

Trusted Partner

Our security experts maintain your security posture on the supply chain front.

Endpoint Security

Agent-based solution to efficiently solve complex problems.

Unique Dataset

First of kind database of software applications and their expected behavior.

AI Assisted

Experience the transformative power of AI and ML in our cutting-edge products.

Our Advantage

Experience Unparalleled Protection With Our One-of-a-Kind Approach

Stop Breaches Faster

Detect sophisticated breaches faster than any other provider.

Close Security Gaps

Strengthen your security posture with our advanced solutions.

Uncover Unknown Risks

Uncover unknown threats that other providers miss.

Managed SaaS Solution

Seamless managed security with our SaaS and expert support.

Threat Defense

Protect Your Organization's Infrastructure Against These Threats


Supply Chain Attacks

Your security is at the risk of someone else's weakness.

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Zero-Day Exploits

Detect malicious, zero-day exploit-based communication.

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Early ransomware detection and response.

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Unauthorized Access

Rapid identification of infrastructure compromise.

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All-in Solution

A silver bullet solution that provides a comprehensive protection against a wide range of threats

Peerscope Product

With our unique solution, you can be confident that your business is protected against the most sophisticated and complex attacks from supply chain attacks and zero-day exploits to ransomware and more.


Managed Solution

We offer a managed service option where our team of security experts will take care of everything for you. From monitoring your network for threats to providing expert advice and guidance, our team has you covered.


Technical Support

If the worst should happen and a threat is detected, you can count on our team to be there for you every step of the way. We support and assist you to respond to any attacks, ensuring minimal disruption to your business.

Get In Touch

Contact Us To Learn More About How We Can Help Secure Your Organization

Protect Your Assets

Effectively protect your infrastructure from potential threats with our lightweight and easy-to-deploy agent

Server Security

Ensure the security of your critical systems.

Endpoint Security

Protect your endpoint devices from potential threats.

Cloud Security

Defend your cloud instances against unknown threats.

Database Security

Safeguard your database systems against security risks.

What our customers say

“After extensive testing of multiple competitive technologies, we found Forelens to provide the most innovative and well-thought detection tool of the most sophisticated supply chain attacks. Great team to work with!”

Michal Glomba

Co-Founder of ScanRepeat
Trusted by security-aware brands
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