About Us

About Us

Forelens was founded with the goal of providing advanced solutions to protect against the most complex and evolving threats, including supply chain attacks, targeted attacks, and zero-day exploits.

Our Advantage

Experience Unparalleled Protection With Our One-of-a-Kind Approach

Stop Breaches Faster

Detect sophisticated breaches faster than any other provider.

Close Security Gaps

Strengthen your security posture with our advanced solutions.

Uncover Unknown Risks

Uncover unknown threats that other providers miss.

Managing Cloud Security

Seamless managed security with our SaaS and expert support.

Protect Your Assets

Effectively protect your infrastructure from potential threats with our lightweight and easy-to-deploy agent

Server Security

Ensure the security of your critical systems.

Endpoint Security

Protect your endpoint devices from potential threats.

Cloud Security

Defend your cloud instances against unknown threats.

Database Security

Safeguard your database systems against security risks.

What our customers say

“After extensive testing of multiple competitive technologies, we found Forelens to provide the most innovative and well-thought detection tool of the most sophisticated supply chain attacks. Great team to work with!”

Michal Glomba

Co-Founder of ScanRepeat
Trusted by security-aware brands