Supply Chain Attacks

Protect Against Supply Chain Attacks

Supply chain attacks can be devastating for organizations, as they can compromise the entire network through a single vulnerability in a third-party vendor or partner. Forelens' solutions can help protect against these types of attacks by monitoring for and identifying suspicious or malicious communication initiated from a vetted application.


Why current solutions fail?

Despite having state-of-the-art, multilayered security measures in place and quickly applying software updates to minimize the possibility of exploitation, your company may still be at risk of a supply chain attack. In the past, attackers have successfully gained access to the computer systems of application vendors and inserted malicious code into their software. As a result, the vendor unknowingly creates and delivers a malicious version of the application to you, complete with a digital signature and appearing to come from a trusted source. The malicious application may even be able to install itself automatically, bypassing any approval processes on your end.

How we monitor for threats?

One way Forelens do this is by analyzing network traffic for anomalies or indicators of compromise, such as unexpected connections or communication initiated from vetted applications. Our solution is based on a database of software applications and their expected behavior, allowing it to accurately identify deviations from normal behavior. If a potential threat is detected, the solution can alert the appropriate personnel and take steps to isolate and contain the threat, preventing it from spreading to other parts of the network.

Overall, Forelens can provide an extra layer of security for organizations by detecting and responding to malicious communication and activity within the network, helping to protect against supply chain attacks and other threats.

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